Friday, May 28, 2010


Joe, Zachary, Ryan, and I had a great trip to Colorado this spring. Joe had been skiing there a few times in college, but it was the first trip to the Rocky Mountains for the boys and me. Catherine and Elizabeth stayed with my parents since this was an educational convention trip for the boys.

Joe had racked up enough frequent flyer miles for all of us to travel for free, so we flew into Denver and rented a car. Our first night was spent in Fort Collins, and the next morning we drove to Estes Park. These are some of the sights we saw as we left Fort Collins and approached Estes Park:

Once we reached Estes Park, we were amazed at the number of elk around and how tame they were. One night we were sitting at a stop light in town and four elk came meandering through the intersection, taking their time crossing the busy road.

This elk was right beside the road, about 10 feet from our car. It never looked up when Joe stopped and I snapped the shot.

They gathered in grassy patches beside the road.

And they made themselves at home in front yards.

This field full of hundreds of elk was in
Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Latin convention was held at the YMCA of the Rockies, just outside of Estes Park. The boys stayed in a dorm with some of their Latin classmates, and Joe and I stayed in a cabin.

It was quite rustic.

The boys joined us on our last night at the cabin, and the next morning . . . 

Zachary perfected his one-armed push-up technique.

Colorado is such a beautiful state! We are hoping to get to visit there again. The girls want to join us on our next trip.

Here are a few more shots of the scenery around Estes Park and in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Tomorrow I will post some photos of our stop in Boulder.


  1. Catherine BumpersMay 28, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    Are you sure he was really doing a push-up? It looks more like he was just jumping over the railing...

  2. Just work with me here, Catherine. ;-)

  3. It looks like a very fun trip. The pictures are wonderful. I love the mountains. I would love to visit Colorado again. We went a few years ago.

  4. Debbie, maybe our co-op should plan a trip together since we have several members who enjoy Colorado. That could be fun!