Thursday, May 27, 2010

Latin Convention

Zachary and Ryan are finishing up an online Latin class with Karen Karppinen at Lone Pine Classical School. This is their second year of Latin with Ms. Karppinen, and we all are very pleased with the classes.
Each spring, Ms. K invites her students to travel to Colorado (where she lives) to participate in a Latin Convention organized by Colorado's Junior Classical League. This year, Joe, Zachary, Ryan, and I flew into Denver and then drove up to Estes Park so the boys could participate. The convention was held at the YMCA campground just outside of Estes Park. The elevation was about 8,000 feet, so we drank plenty of water to stay hydrated to prevent headaches.

Some of the competitions at the convention were not academic. Zachary and Ryan both competed in the fun pool relay events. Here, Ryan competes in an event where each participant was required to read a newspaper aloud as he/she swam.

Joe assisted with timing the pool events.

Ryan, Zachary, and two of their Latin 200 classmates participated in the Lower Division Certamen (quiz bowl) competition. Here they are relaxing before the round of questioning began.

Ms. K has posted more pictures of the Convention as well as results of the individual and team competitions for 2010 at her website.

Before we went to Colorado, Zachary and Ryan learned that they each had received Gold Medals again this year on the National Latin Exam. (They took the Latin II exam this year.) Zachary scored a Perfect Paper for the second year in a row. Congratulations to both of you!!

When the convention ended at noon on Friday, the Lone Pine students, their parents, and Ms. Karppinen traveled into Rocky Mountain National Park. It was early April and still snowy, but the snow plows had the roads completely cleared.

We drove to Bear Lake and hiked around the area. The elevation here was around 9,500 feet.

In some spots, there was still three feet of snow on the ground.

We all enjoyed meeting Ms. Karppinen and the other Lone Pine students and their parents on our trip. It was a great group!

Tomorrow I will post more photos of our sightseeing adventures while in Colorado.


  1. These are beautiful places. Someday I hope to visit Colorado!

  2. Tanya, it was my first visit to Colorado, and it really is beautiful there. I want to go again.